Bump-Start Antenatal Classes in March 2020

Our friendly coordinators have been trained to deliver The Real Birth Company’s workshops which help to empower pregnant women and their birth partners during the time leading up to birth and dramatically reduce the fear that women can feel at the prospect of having a baby.

We inspire women with the normal, natural beauty of pregnancy, labour, birth, and beyond.

Topics Covered…

  • Stages of labour
  • Positive attitudes in pregnancy
  • How to be a birth partner and advocate
  • Hormones in pregnancy and birth
  • Positions for birthing
  • Understanding the pelvis
  • Skin to skin with your baby
  • Stress reduction in labour
  • Baby’s adjustment in their new world

Antenatal Classes will be on Monday, 2nd March and Tuesday, 3rd March 2020 10am to 3pm at the Sanctuary in Watchet. Please book your place or a place on another antenatal course via the Home-Start WS Office: 01643 707304

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