Meet the core staff of Home-Start West Somerset!



Manager/Senior Family Support Coordinator

I have been manager/senior coordinator of Home-Start West Somerset since July 2014; I initially came from a family support role working for Somerset County Council but before that I had a self-catering business. I have raised my own family of 3 children in West Somerset so I’m completely aware of the delights and downsides of living in a rural area. I like playing tennis, walking the dogs, gardening, and holidays!

I count myself as being so lucky to have such a great job, there are some difficult parts to the role, consistently finding funding and re-writing policies, but those bits are completely overshadowed as I feel the job and the charity really does what it sets out to do, it’s simple and effective; helping families in a very caring and genuine manner, achieving some wonderful outcomes. My job is made so much easier by the fantastic team of staff, trustees, volunteers, and many others behind the scenes who all pull together to provide a faithful service to families.




I am the administrator for Home-Start West Somerset and currently work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and have been in post since July 2018. This is an extremely interesting and varied role in which I offer support to the team and trustees as well as being responsible for keeping our lovely volunteers up to date with information.

As first point of contact to the office both by telephone and visitors I also enjoy the interaction this offers with professionals and families alike.

Every day brings new challenges, but I love the variety and that we are a close-knit team who all work hard to support families with young children in need across West Somerset.



Financial Administrator

I am the financial administrator for Home-Start West Somerset. I have worked for the scheme since July 2018.

My responsibilities are to provide financial administrative support to the employees of the scheme and Board of Trustees as appropriate and agreed.

I feel we have the most amazing team. Without the dedication of our staff, trustees and volunteers our scheme would not exist and families across West Somerset would not get the support they need.



Family Support Coordinator

I’ve worked with Home-Start West Somerset since April 2017 and have worked with families and children since 2001 when I started my career in Early Years. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to work for such an amazing charity. I love working with families, whether it’s one to one or within a group. My experiences of working in and running pre-schools has given me a sound understanding of how children develop, why they behave they way they do and how joyful it is to spend time with a small person exploring the world.

I use this knowledge to develop and deliver projects to support families with children in the Early Years. It is a privilege to work with the families of West Somerset and to get to know the fabulous people who support Home-Start, whether they are volunteers, trustees, fundraisers…. The list goes on. My circle of friends has widened so much since I came to work here!

Home-Start West Somerset has given me the opportunity to get to know this area of Somerset and the people who live here. This is a beautiful place and the people are pretty cool too!

Hayley Williams


Baby-Start Coordinator

My name is Hayley, and I am the Baby-Start Lead for Home-Start West Somerset. My background is in Early Years, SEND and family support and I have been part of the early support service in West Somerset for the last 10 years.

I began working for Home Start in September 2020 but actually started out as a volunteer in 2012. I am quite energetic and like to use my spark to make other people smile. I enjoy doing activities with families, such as sensory play, that encourages secure parental child attachment and that also support parents as their child’s first educator.

I love being outdoors in my garden with my children. I grow vegetables and have garden hens called Kentucky and Bluebell. I also am a terrier fan and enjoy walking my cheeky dogs with their big personalities!



Bump-Start Team Leader

I am the Bump Start team leader for Home Start West Somerset. I have been in this role, since returning to work in August 2018. Before this, I was lucky to be a stay at home mum and before that I was a nurse.

My job involves helping to support expectant parents and their families enabling them to access services across West Somerset and providing friendship and encouragement along their antenatal journey!

I recently trained as a Real Birth Teacher and I also have qualifications in Massage Therapy and Reflexology which I am keen to develop further for mums and dads.

The Bump Start project is about encouragement, enabling parents-to-be to have the information and skills they need to make the right choices for their growing family.

Vicky Goodchild


Family Support Coordinator

Hi, my name is Vicky, and I have been with Home-Start West Somerset since September 2020 as a Family Support Coordinator. I have previously worked in schools with children, families, and young adults and more recently in housing.

My role involves co-ordinating volunteers and providing them with the training and support they need to enable them to engage, help, support, and provide friendship to families across West Somerset for a variety of reasons.

I have two older children who I have brought up in West Somerset. I enjoy supporting them to thrive in their ambitions. At home I enjoy upcycling furniture, walks along the beach and gardening, weather permitting!