Tuning in to Kids

Tuning in to Kids is a parenting programme for parents of aged 3yrs to 8yrs about emotionally intelligent parenting programme.

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Connect with your child and help them to recognise and express their emotions in an acceptable way?
  • Be able to understand and improve your child’s behaviour?
  • Find out how the emotional part of our brains work and discover how to help your child tame their emotions?

Join our Tuning in to Kids programme in our friendly family room at Home-Start West Somerset.

Every person has the capacity for a huge range of emotional experience and expression. Emotions are a fundamental part of being human. Parenting or caring for a child is a particular kind of emotional joy bringing its own special rewards and challenges. For many parents, connecting with children during emotional moments is one of the most rewarding but also most challenging parts of parenting.

Human emotions are central for communication and connection. They serve our wellbeing and have an important evolutionary role in optimising our outcomes in life.

Tuning in to kids is a programme centred around emotionally intelligent parenting.

At Home-Start we are trained facilitators of the Tuning into Kids program and will be offering a 6-week program (Approximately 2 and a half hours per session, including refreshment break) for groups of parents or carers of children aged 3 years and up.

Sessions will be held at Alcombe Children’s Centre, Stephenson Road, Minehead. TA24 5EB.
For more information on the course and to register your interest, contact Vicky at Home-Start West Somerset on 01643 707304, 07483 123655 or email [email protected].