Baby Start is a structured group for parents/carers providing a space for them to enjoy creative time with their baby though sensory, songs and story exploration.

Baby-Start group promotes attachment between infant and carer giver as well as opportunities for practitioner and peer support and developing friendships in the community. Baby-Start supports families right through the first 12 months of their baby’s life and aims to empower new families to give their baby the best possible start in life.

Based on the current success of our antenatal provision project, we encourage new parents to access Baby Start to develop their bond between themselves and their baby providing the baby’s first model for intimate relationships and foster a sense of security and positive self-esteem.

It’s easier to bond with your baby if the people around you are supportive and help you develop confidence in your parenting abilities. Baby Start actively requires the parent to participate.

There are songs, games, sensory sessions, baby massage and story times, specifically designed to help bond newborn with their parents, So having a space like Baby Start with an experienced mentor who you can trust and rely on for support will help new parents feel special, supported and safe and to then go on to provide peer support for other new parents themselves, sharing good practice in child rearing across our local communities, and building community capacity.

Baby-Start – A fun club for you and your baby

Join the fun….

  • Sharing Songs and Rhymes
  • Sensory Play
  • Friendship
  • Development Stories
  • Books and Stories
  • Treasure Baskets
  • Refreshments included

Baby-Start - A fun club for you and your baby (0-12 months). Join the fun: sharing songs and rhymes, sensory play, friendship, development stories, books and stories, treasure baskets, refreshments included.

Local Baby-Start Co-ordinator:

Hi, my name is Hayley and my background is in Family support, early years and SEND. I love being part of the great team at Home-Start as I remember the challenges of raising children and understand that having someone who believes in you really makes a difference.

My role with Home-Start is fun and varied. I lead the newly launched Baby-Start sessions, I get to run fun early activities at clinics provide childcare act creches. I also offer support with 1:1 home visits. I am a huge fan of messy play, songs with actions and stories. I smile all the time and sometimes burst in to spontaneous dance if the mood takes me!

When I am at home with my two children I like to bake, hang out with my hens in the garden and walk my two dogs Buddy and Barney.

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