Home-Start West Somerset Volunteer Preparation Course – February and March 2021

Venue: Alcombe Children’s Centre; 10.00am to 1.00pm

Refreshments: We will provide refreshments and lunch at each session. 

Special requirements: If you have any special requirements regarding diet, access or anything else, please let us know in advance and we will do all we can to help.

Parking: There is usually some parking on site or some on-road parking spaces nearby (Hawksworth road).

 Week one: Tuesday 8th February
Introduction to the course, information on Home-Start, why Home-Start is needed and the benefits of Home-Start and volunteering.

Week two: Tuesday 15th February 
The role and guidance of being a Home-Start volunteer, values and attitudes.

Half-term break

Week three: Tuesday 1st March
Supporting parents and meeting the needs of the children.

Week four: Tuesday 8th March
4. CSafeguarding and confidentiality training.

Week five: Tuesday 15th March
Listening and communication, diary sheets, bringing the course to a close.

It is the expectation of Home-Start that preparation course participants will attend every session of the course. If however you have to miss a session due to unforeseen circumstances or a pre-booked event that you have discussed with one of the family Support Co-ordinators you will need to make contact with the office before the next session so we can catch you up with what you missed.