Autumn Leaf Pictures

Our latest video is here! It’s the perfect weather to try making an Autumn picture with your babies. Why not put your wellies and coats on and find some autumn leaves and twigs of your own, then warm up at home and make your very own picture.

Treasure Baskets

This week Hayley is making a treasure basket, a fun and exciting way to explore your babies senses whilst playing, singing and interacting with them! Why not try and make your own?

Train Ride Story Time

In our latest Baby-Start video we’re off on a train ride your babies will love, listen to Hayley reading a story and discussing lots of ideas about why your little ones will like it and how else it can help.

Exploring Numbers

Our latest Baby-Start session Hayley explores the importance of numbers, not only knowing the number words but what those quantities look like and how we can incorporate that in to our homes

Making Play Dough

Check out our latest Baby-Start video, Hayley is making play dough and offering lots useful hints and tips about interacting with your babies a cheap and easy way of having fun with your little ones without leaving your home. Ingredients Flour salt Vanilla Essence Food colouring Cream of Tartar Warm water Oil