Tuning Into Kids – Emotion Coaching Programme

Calling all parents! Would you like to hear more about parenting strategies backed by neuroscience to build a positive relationship with your child?

Our Tuning into kids – emotion coaching programme helps parents to develop and grow their skills to build positive emotional connections, give their child the foundations to be able to emotionally regulate themselves, increase resilience and foster decision making and problem-solving skills. This improves future outcomes for both parents and children.

The parent child connection is the most powerful mental health intervention known to mankind.

Bessel Van Der Kolk

Small changes we make to how we connect and use language with our child can make huge differences.

“Why are you crying? I don’t like it when your upset!” can change to “I can see that you are upset. You are allowed to feel that way. I’m here when you’re ready to talk.”.

Letting the child know that you see them, that it’s ok to have feelings and you empathise and reassure them that your there for them. Helps them to feel safe.

Courses are now available online (via Zoom) and are open to all parents of children between ages 3-6 years. Please contact to find out when the next 6 week course starts or for more information on 01643 707304 and ask for Vicky.